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Patrick Putzier is an audiologist. An audiologist is a professional trained in non-medical management of hearing and balance disorders. Not all dispensers of hearing aids are audiologists. Some are trained to dispense hearing aids in a retail environment. Professional Hearing Center uses a clinical model where evaluation, discussion of findings, and recommendations are managed by someone who has studied the auditory system and its disorders in great depth.


Since 1982 Patrick Putzier has been serving Salina and North Central Kansas as an audiologist. A graduate of the University of Nebraska with a master’s degree, Patrick began his career at the Central Kansas Coop in Education. From 1985 to 1998 he worked as a clinical audiologist at an ENT clinic.


In the summer of 1998 there was an opportunity to acquire a private practice. It was the right decision. In the years since, we have evaluated and counseled thousands of hearing impaired individuals and their families.


Most people don’t realize but the hearing aids are only a piece of the communication puzzle. We will introduce technologies and strategies to make you a more effective listener.


Our protocol is based on classic audiometric evaluation, discussion of findings, and recommendations. Following your visit we will report back to your physician and will send you a written summary of findings and recommendations.

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